Northern Ireland Tourist Board

The Northern Ireland Tourist Board is the official body responsible for the development, promotion and marketing of Northern Ireland. They offer free advise and booking services for restaurants or accommodation in the Northern Ireland region. You can drop in to any of their offices for Complimentary literature & guides for Northern Ireland.northern-ireland-tourist-board

If you are visiting the North of Ireland, it is advisable to look at the Northern Ireland Tourist Board for information. Northern Ireland is part of Great Britain, however the hospitality, scenery and landscape is on a par with the best that the South of Ireland can offer.


The Northern Ireland Tourist Board provides information on places to visit, stay and eat. They have the best information on all the major attractions including festivals, shopping and activities for all ages.


giants causeway

Irish Tourist Board

If you are looking forward to a trip to Ireland, you might find the Irish Tourist Board to be of great assistance. There are actually several tourist boards scattered throughout the country as a way of helping tourists find their way around this beautiful country. An Irish tourist board office is open during weekdays and special holidays to assist tourists who are making their way across the country. With Ireland offering some of the best scenic areas,  not to mention plenty of superb architectural structures that are worth visiting, getting help from tourist boards will be to your advantage.

If you want to make the most out of your trip to Ireland and don’t want to be bogged down with hassles along the way, make sure that you drop by an Irish tourist board office to help you out. There is nothing like planning your trip to make your trip that more enjoyable. In case you get lost or don’t know much about the place you are visiting,  just look for a green sign that has the letter “I” on it. This means that an Irish tourist board is nearby where you can get assistance. They are quite handy, especially when they can direct you to the nearest accommodation or tourist attraction that you are looking for and a whole lot more.

Picture of a beautiful Irish castel

The best thing about Irish tourist boards is that it has it all. From hospitable staff to complete information about the area that you are visiting, you can never find a friendlier place to get the kind of information you need to make your trip to Ireland that more enjoyable. Whether you are planning on taking a tour among the castles of Ireland or go walk about their gorgeous landscape, or even sample their local cuisine, you will find what you need from the Irish tourist board.

Are you wondering what other activities you can do while in Ireland? Let Irish tourist board help you out. The Irish tourist board has a list of possible activities that you can do with the whole family and what’s more you can get a better idea on how much you need to have to enjoy these fun filled activities for you and your family. You might want to look for Irish tourist board online and see what else they have to offer you as a tourist so you can be better prepared when you travel to this beautiful and mysterious country.

Image of the beautiful Ireland

Who wouldn’t want to have easy access to information while they are on a foreign country? The Irish tourist board offices make it a point to serve as guides to travelers in the country so they can experience the best trip there is while they are in Ireland.